Being born and raised in a nature-loving family in the countryside of the Netherlands, the presence of nature was always something I had taken for granted. That started to change when I moved to the city. I started to miss nature and that was the moment I began questioning my relationship to nature. Specifically, what is nature exactly?
I started to see my habitat - The Netherlands - as a mixture of little and big elements, created or chosen by man. Driven by my bewilderment about the desire of the human species to control and design its surroundings, it became my goal to capture these “ingredients” or “elements” and investigate the reason of their existence. Sometimes my research consists purely of observations, sometimes I dive deep into the topic with theoretical research and interviews.
The work (currently comprehensively titled “Nature”) is a strange, organic universe of creatures: from the “unwanted nature” spectrum of weeds to the highly cherished fancy pigeons and created plant species. Every life form has its own story. I’m interested in the choices people make when it comes to other life forms than humans. How do we live together with these species? Why do we appreciate some forms of nature more than others? It is an extensive investigation into the ideas we apparently hold; our conscious or unconscious relationship to nature.
— Artist statement